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After a rescue team failed in its efforts to claim a reward from Didi Chuxing, the company said Friday it will give the reward to the individual or team who provided critical information to crack the case as verified by the police.

A 21-year-old woman was allegedly killed by 27-year-old driver Liu Zhenhua on May 6 after hailing his car from China"s ride-hailing company Didi Chuxing in Zhengzhou, Henan province, and her body was found two days later.

Didi Chuxing offered a reward of up to 1 million yuan ($160,000) for information concerning the whereabouts of the driver suspected of killing her, as she was using the company"s service when the murder took place.

After the notice was issued, Didi Chuxing received more than 3,000 clues in two days. And there are many groups and individuals requesting the reward, the company said.

A volunteer water rescue team that responds to emergency calls asked to be paid the reward after members retrieved the body of a man suspected of killing a female flight attendant from a river in Zhengzhou on May 12, who was confirmed by DNA tests to be Liu.

The rescue team tried to communicate with Didi Chuxing about the reward after the case was solved, but the company could not be reached, Fu Jian, a lawyer who represents the team, told The Mirror, a Beijing-based newspaper.

The company said it will give the reward to the individual or team confirmed by public security authorities to have provided significant help in solving the case.

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